Bridal Bucket List

Planning a wedding can be tiring, stressful, overwhelming and its quite easy to forget about yourself in the midst of making your D-day perfect. So before its too late, enjoy your days as a single girl with some really fun things.  Take a break and checkout the ultimate bridal bucket list before tying the knot.




1.Family getaway

Spend some quality time with your mom, dad. Plan a trip or just a picnic, make them feel appreciated.




2.Girls night out

Spend time with your squad and indulge in drinks, foods and gossip. Plan a spa day, shopping trip, drunken night outs or a mini vacation with just them girls.

3.Love letters

Writing a cheesy romantic letter to your hubby to be will make him appreciate you and fall in love with you all over again. Pair it up with a groom’s gift and give him on the morning of your D-day. So take out those paper and pens!




4.First date again

In the midst of constant planning and stress, its easy to get side-tracked with feelings of insecurities and anxieties. So take a break, repeat that history by doing the first date with your husband to be and you will know exactly why you decide on tying the knot.




5.Engagement photo shoot

Photos are best way to cherish the moments forever. Have a photoshoot at your favorite place or where you got engaged. It will be a good practice for your D-day. Some photographers include this in their wedding package.