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Riti Nahata

Top 5 Influencers Pledge with Chicnutrix

It’s a New Year and a time for New You. Let’s start 2020 with a promise of loving yourself, your skin, you hair, your body and every inch including the good and flaws together. Join our Chic Clique in the journey of #IPledge where they promise to prioritize themselves, their health and self-care. Here are top 5 influencers starting their #IPledge with Chicnutrix journey in this NEW YEAR 2020.

1.Sakshi Sood – Makeup Artist


Sakshi Sood


“I Pledge to be more kind to myself and love myself, my skin and hair. I pledge to take care of skin and hair not just on the outside but from the within too. I Pledge to take time out for myself, prioritize self-love and exercise regularly”

2.Bijal Gada – Makeup Artist


Bijil Gada


“I Pledge to make my beauty nutrition a priority despite the busy schedule. I pledge to give myself time to relax, de-stress and unwind. I Pledge to spend more quality time with myself, my son and my family”

3.Riti Nahata – Blogger


Riti Nahata


“I Pledge to make sure to fulfill my skin and hair nutrition needs. I Pledge to always remove my make up before bed, always reapply my sunscreen and drink more water. I pledge to adopt a healthier lifestyle, eat healthy and avoid junk, sugary food”

4.Divya – Blogger




“I Pledge to make my needs a priority including my skin and hair needs. Being mother, it’s difficult to take time out, but this year, I Pledge to make sure that I get some downtime too. I Pledge to take care of myself the same as I take care of my family”

5.Manpreet Manni – Blogger


Manpreet Manni


“I Pledge to be Take my Beauty Nutrition Supplements every day. I pledge to take care of myself, my skin, and hair. I Pledge to exercise and do my yoga every day. I Pledge to be eat healthy and nutritionally balanced food”

These amazing women have taken their 2020 pledge with the Chicnutrix. Join us, on this #IPledge journey to make a wonderful start to 2020 and be the best we can be.