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Facial yoga exercise

Facial yoga exercises for firm and glowing skin

Facial yoga exercise

Facial exercises and massages have been in practice since time immemorial. They date back to the early scriptures of Ayurveda and facial yoga exercises for firm skin have been in practice since these ancient times. Facial yoga exercises for glowing skin do to the face what yoga does to the body. It releases the energy pathways and this in turn helps to achieve natural better health and a sense of well-being and a radiant look. Facial yoga tones, relaxes and provides a natural boost to the skin of the face and also resets the facial muscles. Facial yoga stretches the face and neck muscles to tone, firm and enhance circulation providing a youthful appearance.


Kiss and smile

This yoga for face glow improves the downward drift and makes your jawline and cheeks flushed. For this exercise you need to push the lips out as much as possible as if you are going to kiss and then smile broadly. You should repeat this exercise 15 times in a day. This exercise enhances the youthfulness of the chin and cheeks together.


Puffing the cheek

In this face yoga for glowing skin you should inhale deeply and then distend the air from cheek to cheek till they are completely puffed out then release the air. This exercise will make the cheek muscles strong and will make them look full. This exercise done regularly will lift and plump the cheeks. 


Chanting Om with a smile

Few people are unaware of the benefits of chanting Om because it relaxes both the mind and the face muscles. This yoga for face skin tightening is the easiest facial yoga exercise. Close your eyes and bring a slight smile to your face with your focus on the point between the eyebrows. Most people have the habit of frowning without realizing it and this can form wrinkles. However, doing this facial yoga of chanting Om will offset the wrinkles and provide the skin a tightening effect.


Lifting the eyebrows

In this face yoga for glowing face you need to place the first finger of the hand around half an inch above your eyebrows and lift the eyebrows while pushing them down with the finger. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times during the day. The forehead is the first part of the face which develops wrinkles. With this exercise the muscles and skin of the forehead will be tightened and the skin will glow.


Making a face like a fish

Pull in the insides of your cheeks like making a face of a fish. Hold this position in the yoga exercise for face glow while you keep your eyes open. You should keep this pose till your eyes start to water. You can then blink and release the pose. This is a great exercise for the cheeks which will look youthful, supple and flushed. Usually the skin of the cheeks sags fast and this exercise prevents that from happening.


Apart from exercising and providing an outside momentum to the health and glow of your facial skin it is also necessary to provide it nutrition from inside. For this you need to ensure that you consume the right amount of minerals and vitamins in the food that you eat. Of course it is also true that nowadays it is difficult to consume the right amount of nutrients in your food. Hence it is advisable to take supplements like Chicnutrix Glow and Chicnutrix Super C  which are skin care supplements. These skincare supplements will help you achieve glowing and radiant,acne-free, clear skin.