foods to eat in winter

Foods to eat in Winter to stay healthy and boost your immunity

foods to eat in winter


Winter is coming… Oh wait! It’s already here. As the temperature drops, we would all love to grab a blanket, cuddle to warm up our body and binge-eat our favorite snacks in an attempt to make ourselves comfortable. Layering up our body with extra layers of protection is a good idea but munching on unhealthy snacks is not a really good idea. With winter comes cold and flu and with Covid-19 its imperative that we eat healthy and keep up our immunity. Here are some healthy food variants that will help you with just that, these are healthy foods to eat during winters


Nuts – Walnuts and Almonds have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. they are amazing winter foods as they keep our nervous system healthy, promotes healthy heart, lowers cholesterol levels and boosts insulin sensitivity. 


Oranges – Oranges are widely available especially during the winter season and we all know they are rich sources of Vitamin C which helps boost our immune system and they taste really good too. Consuming the whole fruit instead of juices is much better for health.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry – Amla or Indian Gooseberry is another seasonal and super nutritious food which is available to us during the winters. It is a great immunity booster and detoxing food. It contains upto 5 times more vitamin c than oranges. You can also consume Chicnutrix Super C instead which is made with Natural Amla extracts and each tablet is equal to 40 amlas. It also has the added benefit of Zinc in it.


Oats – Oats is a good breakfast food especially during winters. Oats is rich in zinc which helps boost immunity and also contains soluble fibres which helps with better digestion and bowel movements. During winters, reduced water intake can make us susceptible to constipation, so consuming oats will definitely help with it.


Sweet potatoes –  During winters, having sweet potatoes is very beneficial for us. They are rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene which helps in supporting normal cell functions as well as in protecting immune cells.

These were some of the best foods to eat during the winter season which taste great and will help boost immunity and stay healthy.  Incorporate these foods in your daily diet along with sufficient amounts of water to hydrate your body and do not forget your everyday beauty nutrition dose for glowing skin, bouncy hair and strong nails!