Lakme Fashion Week

Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 and Chicnutrix Beauty Nutrition

Lakme Fashion Week

LFW model poses with Chicnutrix Glow

Lakmé Fashion Week is synonymous with fashion and beauty. Last year,  Lakmé Fashion Week streamed their first ever virtual edition with an interactive platform for viewers.


While the excitement and thrill still lingers, it was amplified in 2020 with the idea of taking this extraordinary fashion event to a digital scale. As pioneers in the world of fashion, we held immense pride in being the official nutrition partner for LFW.


Beauty nutrition is such a heavily marketed concept, but it is important to choose a brand that cares about the quality of their products and, more importantly, how they should work for consumers.


At Chicnutrix, we take things down to a cellular level, keeping in mind our consumers’ most pressing needs.


We believe that everyone is beautiful and that beauty can be further amplified from within, using key nutrients that work magic on hair, skin and more.


As a brand by women, for women, we strive to create a confident tribe of loyal customers who trust that their best interests lie in our hands. We are constantly evolving and keeping up with the times to cater to women of all ages.


“Chicnutrix was proud and excited to be part of an impactful space such as Lakmé Fashion Week 2020.”


Lakme Fashion Week1

LFW model poses with Chicnutrix Bounce

As LFW’s nutrition partner, it gave us the opportunity to highlight the importance of looking after your nutritional beauty needs from the inside out. Makeup and haircare products can only take you so far to temporarily mask imperfections. We want to make it a lifestyle inclusion to focus on beauty nutrition every day in a natural way, using premium ingredients backed by clinically proven results.


Our range of nutrition contains superfoods for hair and skin that use science-backed Swiss formulations for superior bioavailability. This ensures that nutrients are absorbed faster by the body, making effervescent nutrition a better and safer alternative to medical-grade options.


We make it fun to get your daily dose of nutrients by adding palatable flavours to drink your way to great hair, skin and more. With our busy lifestyles, it is easy to lose track of one’s nutritional needs. Chicnutrix makes that journey easy (and delicious!) with every beauty nutrition pick in our arsenal.


Lakmé Fashion Week was a stepping stone for Chicnutrix to encourage women to confidently take the centrestage in their lives. Our beauty nutrition offers superfoods for hair and skin that work on a deeper level to ensure the best results. We were excited and pumped to witness the first-ever digital fashion show in the country. Did you witness the virtual extravaganza?