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Glam it up with Expert Skin Care tips

  The sign of healthy skin is a natural glow. However, nowadays there are many factors that can make the skin dull and lifeless like stress, lack of sleep and then age. In fact, lifestyle and diet play an important [...]

Comfortable in your own skin

  When you are not feeling confident, it can be tough to take charge of your thoughts and feelings for yourself. You may criticize yourself and feel uncomfortable around others when you are unable to feel comfortable in your own [...]

Glow at your best this summer with these skin care tips

  Summer is the time for beaches and day outs but the sun can be harsh on the skin causing sun burns, rashes, inflammation and breakouts. Leaving us to wonder and question our skin care routine. Dermatologists are the right [...]

Be Youthful with these Healthy Habits

  If you are worried about aging then rest assured that age is just a number. With a little effort and the right healthy habits you can look and feel young all through your life. These healthy habits will fight [...]

Beauty sleep is for real when it comes to skin and hair

  The human body repairs and recovers during the time you sleep. It is necessary to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night in order to look and feel healthy. If you sleep less than 6 hours then [...]

10 Most Common Skin Care Mistakes that People make

  Every girl wants her skin to be clear, healthy and glowing. But bear in mind that just like all good things, a glowing skin needs effort on your part. So we have compiled a list of things to avoid, [...]

How Stress Effects Your Beauty, Skin and Health? How to Get Rid of Stress?

  We all know that stress is bad for the health and mental condition of a person, it can also affect the skin and hair. Several skin and hair specialists give evidence that people get flared up conditions like acne, [...]

All you need to know about Omega-3 Fatty Acids!

  Omega 3 fatty acids are a kind of polyunsaturated fats. These fatty acids are not produced in the body, but they are necessary for proper health. This is the reason that it is necessary to consume them in the [...]

Health Benefits of Omega-3 for Skin and Hair

  Currently a lot of research is being done on Omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts, sardines fishes, salmon, mackerel, Chia seeds, flax seeds, seafood, nuts and plant oils are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, everyone knows [...]

Top 7 Home Remedies for Long and Thick Hair

  Who doesn’t want their crowning glory to be beautiful and no wonder people spend a lot of time and resources to make their hair look good. The beauty of the hair can be enhanced with some of these home [...]

10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

  We all want to ensure that our manes are at their gorgeous best whenever we step out. But are we really taking a good care of it? I am not talking about all the products that we use and [...]

Top 4 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin At-Home Remedies

  Every woman dreams of glowing skin which is free from any kind of skin problems. It is always better to opt for natural treatments instead of resorting to harsh chemical based beauty products. Home remedies for glowing skin make [...]

Holi – Skin & Hair Protection

Holi-the festival of colours and happiness, is just around the corner, welcoming the season of spring. Regardless of your opinion, you can’t escape Holi in India and our major concerns are skin and hair. How to protect them from all [...]

Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements: Health Benefits and Uses and Rich Foods

Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil supplements are all the rage in the market now and why not, it is a wonderful supplement that works its magic, not only on your skin and hair but also your overall health. [...]

Chic Valentine with the Influencers

Valentine is not just about celebrating with the love of your life, at least that’s what our influencers and we, at Chicnutrix think. We believe in celebrating the valentine with the person who makes us glow with happiness, be it [...]


Life is incredibly busy once you become a mother. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip on taking care of yourself and your hair. We, at Chicnutrix, understand the needs of the women and so we have come up [...]

Bollywood Hair Secrets – REVEALED!

We always look at the Bollywood stars and wonder how they manage to have such a gorgeous hair. We just love (and also jealous of) their shiny, bouncy locks. It’s not just the expensive hair products or hair spa that [...]

Amino Acids and Hair

Currently, in the market, there are many hair care products with amino acids in it promising longer, thicker, shinier and conditioned hair. But have you ever wondered, what are this amino acids and what they actually do to your hair? [...]

Bounce – A Complete Hair Food?

  In today’s world, our hair has become victim of so much pollution, UV rays damage, heat styling, blow drying, insufficient nutrients and on the go lifestyle. We color, we dye our hair and if we get split ends or [...]

Beauty Nutrition Horoscope for 2020

It’s a start of a new decade and we are all excited for what 2020 brings, so we bring you the horoscope for the New Year 2020. To know what’s in store for you in the 20s, roll down.   [...]

Benefits of Effervescent Tablets

In today’s day & age, where quick, easy & fast are adjectives that many of us look to incorporate with our multiple daily activities, Nutrition & medication isn’t very different either. Hence, effervescent tablets as a dosage form are becoming [...]

Top 5 Influencers Pledge with Chicnutrix

It’s a New Year and a time for New You. Let’s start 2020 with a promise of loving yourself, your skin, you hair, your body and every inch including the good and flaws together. Join our Chic Clique in the [...]

Hair Care Supplement – Decoded!

Have you often wondered how to make your hair stronger and healthier? What are the supplements to make hair healthier, stronger and shinier? How to stop hair fall or reduce them? How to make your hair grow faster? What products [...]

Glutathione and Vitamin C – Decoded!

Glutathione and Vitamin C has become quite popular in the beauty industry. They are available in various forms such as skin glow creams, skin care creams, skin care supplements, supplements for glowing skin, serums, etc. but have you wondered how [...]

Beauty Nutrition – Decoded!

Beauty nutrition might be a new concept but beauty from within is not. Beauty from within was trending and is still trending. We all know how adequate nutrition affects our skin, hair and overall body health. But we don’t often [...]

Chicnutrix Highlights Of 2019

It’s been eight months that we started our Chic journey on the path of being the Best Beauty Nutrition in India. On the way, we met many wonderful people who joined our Chic journey. At the end of the year, [...]

Skincare Myths – Debunked

As the seasons change, our skin requirements do too. Every season comes along with its fair share of skin problems we need to worry about. But that doesn’t mean we will have to change our entire skin care routine. There [...]

Healthy Hair Tips

Now that winter is here, it sure is wreaking havoc especially to our hair. The colder it gets, the more unmanageable the hair seems to become. So to help you get rid of dull, dry and frizzy hair this winter, [...]

Beautiful Hampers

Christmas is the wonderful time of the year. It’s the season of giving there is no better time in the year to share and spread happiness amongst friends and family. As much as we love receiving and giving gifts sometimes finding the [...]

2020 Beauty Trends

At Chicnutrix, we blend beauty with science to offer holistic inward solutions so that you can look and feel beautiful from inside out. In our endeavor to uncover the best beauty secrets, our research team has done an in-depth analysis [...]

Importance of Hydration For Skin

  Drinking water and staying hydrated is all the rage now and why not, water is the most essential thing in this world. In order to maintain a healthy body and good skin, staying hydrated is as important because our [...]

Hydration Importance For Hair

The hydrated skin is a glowing one, but did you also know that hydrated hair is stronger and healthier. Water is an important element for our skin, body and also for our hair. If, our body is dehydrated, it will [...]


With the change in season, days are getting colder. Though winter has its own charm, it also brings along dry skin and hair. There are many lotions and creams to moisturise your skin and hair and prevent dryness. But even [...]

Drink this December #drinkcember

Water is one of the most essential elements to good health. Water is widely used and is essential for every cell that makes up our body.  In order to maintain a healthy body with beautiful skin and hair it is [...]


Tell me a bride, who does not want to achieve flawless, glowing and radiant skin. There are many masks, facial treatments, etc. out there but with a busy schedule and the expense that seems to keep on adding up, home-made [...]

Hair Mask

Healthy, shiny hair is every bride’s desire, and any hairstyle can only do so much if the hair is frizzy, damaged or dry. So, to achieve that perfect bridal hairstyle, provide your hair with all the nourishment it needs. Hair [...]

Bridal Shower Favours

Bridal shower favors have become a huge trend now. You want no guest to go empty handed and buying individual favors can be a bit expensive. We are here to help you avoid unnecessary costs by compiling a list of [...]

Bridal Shower Essentials

Planning a bridal shower for your best friend or sister can seem like daunting task. You want to celebrate in a way that makes everyone happy, especially the bride to be and you also want it to be a memorable [...]

6 ways to avoid frizzy hair

The bridal nightmare? Frizzy hair on the morning of your D-day. No bride would ever want to face frizzy hair problem on their wedding day. But to every problem, we bring you solutions. For that bouncy, shiny hair that every [...]

Bridal Bucket List

Planning a wedding can be tiring, stressful, overwhelming and its quite easy to forget about yourself in the midst of making your D-day perfect. So before its too late, enjoy your days as a single girl with some really fun [...]

Super food for glowing bride

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. So it’s very important that you take good care of your skin and eating right can take you a long way towards your goal of glowing skin. As [...]

Home-made DIY Body Scrubs

Every bride desires flawless, glowing and radiant skin on her wedding day. While we take care of our face, we often tend to forget our body. Try a home-made body scrub, it’s inexpensive, relaxing, no added chemicals and gives you the [...]

Bridal Calender

Getting married can be hectic and long list of to dos never seems to finish. We are here to help out with your skin and hair prep. The ultimate skin and hair care calendar for your D-day is ready for [...]

How to Treat Your Coloured Hair?

Colouring your hair is just so much Fun!Women love experimenting with their hair and hair colours.However a lot of you'll end up not doing it just because you get haunted with its after effects.After all it's true because it's the [...]

How To Treat Damaged Hair?

Hair damage not just means hairfall or split ends,but involves a lot of more. Your hair is a lot more at risk if you tend to avoid your hair damage signs. Your Hair is your Crowning Glory,You can't just let [...]


Longer,Stronger & Shinier Hair is on the wish list of every girl out there. A girl’s hair is her crowning glory and she always   We end up looking for various products for our hair to be bouncy, shiny and [...]

Bridal Skin Care Routine for every Bride-To Be…

Hello Miss Beautiful Bride-To be!!   The D-day is around the corner and there a trillion things that needs to be in check. Outfit-Check Jewellery-Check Makeup-Check Venue-Check But what about your Skin & Hair?? Isn't it the most important thing [...]

AMLA- Phyllanthus emblica

Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry is a fibrous sour fruit eaten in many parts of India. It is also regarded as the “ King of Superfruits “. It has been widely used in Ayurveda in a number of preparations. [...]

What is Biotin

BIOTIN & HAIR?? You might have come across this word-Biotin quite a few times now, but did you know what exactly it is and what it does? Let’s figure it out... What is Biotin?? Biotin is a member of the [...]

What is Glutathione

GLUTATHIONE?? Glutathione is a simple molecule and is known as a super antioxidant, which aids in anti ageing and promotes skin health. It comprises of three crucial amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. It is manufactured by the body’s [...]

Glutathione Rich Foods and Tablets

What’s In A Glutathione?? Your cells contain glutathione, which is a substance formed of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. It is called the Master of antioxidants because it can regenerate itself in the liver after each “fill-up” of [...]

Monsoon Beauty Hacks

Monsoon is just around the corner and no wonder it's one of our favourite seasons!! Pitter Patter Rain Drops on the rooftop is an immense pleasure to experience. But with the first spell of rain, comes along humidity(P.s- We know [...]

5 Natural Hair Masks for OH-SO AMAZING HAIR!

1. Avaca(Do) Wonder Hair Mask Made with all natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, avocado, banana, an egg, and a little olive oil, this rich, two-step hair mask will repair damaged hair and give it shine, leaving hair clean and [...]

Nutrition Guide For Every Bride….

The Dates have come, your outfit is ready, and so are the colours for every function... But this is not it right?? A bride needs a lot more preparations than this!! I DONT CARE HOW I LOOK ON MY D’DAY- [...]

Travel Nutrition Blogs

Heading out on a business trip?? Or taking a vacation break?? The temptation to do too much, eat too much and throw caution to the wind is going to be too common your trips. So how would you take care [...]

Vitamin C & Beauty

Growing up, I am sure your mother would have stressed about how important it was to have vitamin C every day! Whether or not you listened to her, she did make a valid point. It turns out Vitamin C is [...]

Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep!

We all love to dress up and show up! Don’t we? We all have an ornate wardrobe with Branded Cosmetics and Stylish outfits. Cosmetics are our blessings, they are the need of the hour. For beauty, we spend not only [...]

Foods That Are Naturally Rich in Biotin

What is Biotin? Biotin, Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H are one and the same, Biotin creates important enzymes in our body and is a vital part of a healthy metabolism, and Biotin is good for your nervous system as well. [...]

Myths about glowing skin debunked

“Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle” – ERNO LAZLO I don’t want a flawless glowing skin, said no womn ever! Getting your skin to co-operate with you is just too much to ask for? Acne, dark circles, face marks, [...]

TOP 7 Reasons for Hairfall

Hair fall is absolutely a universal topic, according to American Academy of dermatology it is normal to shed 50 to 100 hair strands daily, so we should not stress over it reason- Stress is one of the reason for hair [...]

DO’s And Don’ts Of Beauty Supplements.

1. DO:- Store in a Cool & Dry Place:- Almost every beauty supplement product packs would have the above line guiding to store them in a cool and dry place where they are not exposed to heat and sunlight. This [...]

Travel Beauty Hacks

1. Moisturize Apply a thick layer of moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. This will increase the hydration level in your skin and protect it from dehydrating effects of cabin pressure. 2.Drink Drink Drink (we meant water [...]

6 Chic Moms of Bollywood giving us some major style Goals!!

When it comes to Pregnancy,Skincare often take a toss!! Not just ordinary women but celebrity mommies have also gone through the same during this glorious times of their lives.From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Shilpa Shetty Kundra,the timeless beauty Divas have [...]

Summer Beauty Hacks

#BeatTheHeat Summers are here and so is heat but worry no more, you got our back with some cool summer hacks that every girl should know this season. Because girls summer is all about having fun..!! Don't panic! we got [...]

TAN Protection Hacks

#BanThatTan If your tanned skin is looking at you and asking you to rush for a sunblock and leave those jackets behind, you are just one of us! Wondering what could be your next plan of action and freaking out?? [...]

Beauty starts from within

How do You Define Beauty?? A combination of Being Elegant And Ultra awesome Taking Intelligent Fun Unique Liquids P.S-We are a lot more than this!! Various cultures have different definitions and perceptions of beauty.Beauty can be seen and not defined.Lets [...]

5 Ideas to Namaslay Nutrition

We are always inspired by nature and all the goodness that it has to offer. It has been said that “nature heals” and therefore, we believe that the best nutrition for your health comes from nature. Taking this philosophy ahead, [...]