Omega 3 Fish Oil And Fatty Acid Supplement

Omega 3 Supplements

Online Best Omega-3 fish oil and fatty acid supplements in India

Omega-3 fish oil and fatty acid supplements have become quite popular and is part of regular diet for many of us. With such a big variety of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements available in the market, it is difficult to pick the one.

Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is not just any omega-3 dietary supplements. It is made using pure ocean fish oil, is mercury-free, burpless and most important has no fishy after-taste.

Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is a omega-3 fish oil supplements for skin glow and hair growth which is formulated with  1250mg Omega-3 which has 625mg of EPA, DHA. It supports even skin tone, prevents skin and hair dryness, flaky scalp, redness or unpleasant acne breakouts.

Omega-3 fish oil with EPA and DHA are healthy fats that are well known for providing benefits to the entire body. They don’t just target one part of your body , they work their magic from head to toe. They nourish your skin, along with your scalp which helps to prevent flakes or dry hair. Omega-3 dietary supplement boost hydration and nourish your skin and with increased moisture for your skin.

Low levels of omega-3 causes skin to become unhealthy, dry with irritating acne breakouts and hair to be frizzy, dry and flaky.

This omega-3 dietary supplement is known to improve overall skin and hair health.

It is dermatologist approved, gentle on stomach and has no side effects.

1-2 softgel capsules can be consumed anytime of the day, every day for benefits of omega-3 supplements for skin glow and hair growth. Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is available in a jar with 60 chocolate flavoured capsules.