3 Glow + 3 Super C + Pitara

₹ 6570 ₹ 5250.00

Pitara Worth Rs.990 free with the above hamper

6,570.00 5,250.00


6,570.00 5,250.00

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All brides want glowing, radiant and healthy clear skin on their big day. Banish the constant worries for your skin problems. Be it dark spots, fine lines, dull or acne-prone skin, Chicnutrix Super Glow Trousseau Trunk is here for you!

  • Promotes skin glow and radiance with powerful antioxidant support
  • Boosts the Collagen production, helps revitalizes and prevent discoloration
  • Provides added sun protection
  • Helps in cell repair and regeneration
  • The products are 100% vegetarian with no added sugar, great taste and approved by dermatologist.

    Chicnutrix Glow made with premium effervescent technology is a combination of Glutathione (GSH) and Vitamin C supplements. A beauty nutrition supplement to brighten up your skin and give effective glow and radiance in delicious strawberry-lemon flavour. GSH supplements is known to preserve the strength of other antioxidants and with added Vitamin C, all the benefits just maximized.

    Glutathione prevents cell damage caused by exposure to stress, UV rays and pollution. Vitamin C brightens your skin and aids in skin collagen production. It also protects skin cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

    Chicnutrix Super C is a Natural Vitamin C supplement made from 1000 mg Natural Amla Extract and 10mg Zinc which revitalizes and rejuvenates skin in delicious orange flavour. Zinc helps relieve redness and irritation. It keeps dark spots away. Along with zinc, vitamin C aids in skin regeneration, brightens the skin, helps treat acne and slows down the aging process.

    It improves skin texture, prevents pre-mature aging, boosts collagen production and gives that healthy clear skin.

    The product is 100% vegetarian with no added sugar, great taste and approved by dermatologist. Each tube contains 20 effervescent tablets.

    How to use:

  • Drop 1 Effervescent tablet in 250ml of water. Wait for the tablet to fizz and dissolve completely (1-2 mins) and Drink.
  • Just pop, fizz and cheers to that healthy glow and radiance!

    Rock on your Big day with clear, radiant shine on your face!