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Chicnutrix Glow

Skin Radiance and Glow

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  • Promotes skin glow and radiance
  • Offers powerful antioxidant support
  • Added vitamin C helps improve effectiveness of glutathione
  • No added sugar
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Each Tube contains 20 tablets
  • tablet
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    Formulated with a combination of 500mg Glutathione & 40mg of Added Vitamin C,Chicnutrix Glow is your perfect drink for skin glow and radiance. Made with Premium Swiss Effervescent Technology in the form of Glutathione & Vitamin C - effervescent tablets for skin.

    Faster Action and Absorption

    Faster Action and Absorption

    Dietary supplements travel through the stomach where absorption is hindered, hence, better absorption leads to faster onset of action.

    No need to swallow tablets

    Do not swallow tablets

    Effervescent tablet can allow a large dose of ingredients to be taken in a single serving in liquid form.

    Gentler on the Digestive Tract

    Gentle on Stomach

    Compared to traditional capsules, or tablets, effervescent pills are delivered to the stomach at a pH that is just right for absorption.

    More Portable


    Easy to carry, the Chicnutrix Glow tube can fit in your handbag.

    Chicnutrix glow is a Glutathione and Vitamin C supplement drink which is available in an effervescent tablet form that presents effectiveness at lightning speed with quick absorption and action, eluding any GI issues or side effects.