ChicShine Bundle (Green Apple)

Glow + Bounce Green Apple Flavour

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2,520.00 2,394.00

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Damaged hair and Dull skin are the major concern for the most women. But worry no more! Flaunt that glowing skin and bouncy hair with ChicShine Bundle.

  • Promotes skin glow and radiance
  • Offers powerful antioxidant support
  • Added vitamin C helps improve effectiveness of glutathione
  • Helps increase hair density and bounce with decreased hair loss
  • Helps reduce dry, rough, brittle hair with split ends and supports hair growth
  • Promotes nourishment and maintenance of overall health of hair follicles
  • Chicnutrix Bounce is formulated with Biotin, Selenium and amino acids in Hair Recovery complex (HRC), an ideal hair health supplement to improve, hair loss, dry, rough hair, hair thinning or splitting AND ENJOY BOUNCY LUSTROUS LOOK AGAIN.

    Biotin helps stimulate hair growth, strengthens the structure of hair keratin. Amino acids and selenium helps biotin to repair and recover hair health.

    If you are noticing excessive hair loss, hair thinning, increased split ends or poor hair density, Chicnutrix Bounce is a perfect hair supplement for you that supports healthy hair growth in delicious raspberry flavour.

    Chicnutrix Glow made with premium Swiss effervescent technology containing a combination of 500mg glutathione and 40mg Vitamin C for skin glow and radiance. It not only adds glow and radiance to skin but also promotes even skin tone and reduces dark spots. The reducing form of glutathione is known for its antioxidant properties for promoting healthy skin glow and radiance by preventing cellular damage to skin caused by UV radiation, stress and pollution.

    Tired of your dull skin, dark spots and pigmentation, opt for Chicnutrix Glow in delicious strawberry-lemon flavour, a beauty nutrition supplement for that healthy skin with increased glow and radiance!

    These products are 100% vegetarian with no added sugar, great taste and dermatologically approved. Each tube contains 20 effervescent tablets.

    How to use:

  • Drop 1 Effervescent tablet in 250ml of water. Wait for the tablet to fizz and dissolve completely (1-2 mins) and Drink.
  • The healthy skin and hair are just a drink away, so just pop, fizz and cheers!