Skin Essentials for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen

Anti-Aging & Skin Hydration

₹ 1,980.00 ₹ 1,188.00

Chicnutrix Glow

Skin Radiance and Glow

₹ 1,800.00 ₹ 1,080.00

Chicnutrix Super C

Natural Vitamin C for Skin Protection

₹ 390.00 ₹ 234.00

Chicnutrix Mighty Omega

Skin, Hair and More

₹ 990.00 ₹ 594.00

Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen – 30 Day Bundle

₹ 3,960.00 ₹ 2,376.00

Chicnutrix Glow – 40 Day Bundle

₹ 3,600.00 ₹ 2,160.00

Chicnutrix Super C – 40 Day Bundle

₹ 780.00 ₹ 420.00

Chicnutrix Mighty Omega – Bundle of 2

₹ 1,980.00 ₹ 1,140.00

Chic Super Glow Bundle

₹ 2,190.00 ₹ 1,314.00

ChicEssentials Bundle (Glow + Mighty Omega)

₹ 2,790.00 ₹ 2,650.50

Chicnutrix Glow – 60 Day Bundle

₹ 5,400.00 ₹ 3,240.00

Chicnutrix Super C – 60 Day Bundle

₹ 1,170.00 ₹ 702.00

Skin essentials are important in a skincare routine as it is a lifetime commitment. It is essential to maintain healthy skin and caring for it the right way with skincare essentials will ensure that the skin problems remain at bay. No matter what your skin type is, the right product, a healthy diet and supplements in combination will help you achieve glowing and healthy skin!

Skincare products range from skincare essentials for oily skin to skincare essentials for dry skin and acne. Chicnutrix brings you a holistic approach to your skincare essentials by adding essentials for skin protection. Skin health essentials must not only include the right skincare products but also the right nutrition to maintain the skin’s radiance.

A hectic and fast paced lifestyle, insufficient nutrients, pollution, UV rays and other environmental factors can lead to multiple skin problems like dull skin, acne breakouts, dark spots and pigmentation. 

Chicnutrix has skin glow essentials like Chicnutrix Glow to promote skin radiance as well as reduce dark spots and pigmentation. Chicnutrix Super C is essential for skin protection which prevents acne breakouts and ensures overall skin health. Other than Chicnutrix Glow, essentials for skin radiance also include Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen, a revolutionary anti-aging gel shot to boost youthful and hydrated skin.

These supplements are made with clinically tested ingredients and are dermatologist approved and gentle on stomach. These supplements are pure and potent, with faster absorption and increased bioavailability. They taste yummylicious and are on-the-go nutrition that you can take anywhere.