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Skin whitening pills, skin brightening tablets, skin whitening tablets, skin bleaching pills and skin lightening pills are widely popular in India and the most popular skin whitening and lightening ingredient is glutathione. People are popping all types of skin whitening and skin bleaching tablets in search for fairer, brighter and glowing complexion. But which skin whitening tablets without side effects is best and seems to be actually working is a wonder.


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The best glutathione pills for skin whitening is Chicnutrix Glow formulated with clinically proven Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C helps in giving you a brighter, lighter, radiant and glowing complexion.


Glutathione has skin lightening properties as it reduces the melanin production which is the pigment that gives your skin its colour. Glutathione removes all the toxins from your body and also reduces the pigmentation and reduces dark spots. It also has powerful antioxidant properties that fights against free radicals and damage caused by pollution, UV rays and other chemicals.


Vitamin C helps the body in absorption of Glutathione and also brightens your complexion giving you a fairer appearance. It also has brightening and lightening properties. The combination of glutathione and vitamin C works wonders, making it the best skin whitening supplement in India.


Chicnutrix Glow is made with Swiss Effervescent technology and is skin brightening tablets available in the form of an effervescent tablet which helps in faster absorption. It also makes it more effective as it absorbs easily. It is gentle on the stomach and these are skin whitening tablets without side effects.


Chicnutrix Glow is 100% vegan, clinically proven and is dermatologist approved.


All you need to do is add one tablet into a glass of water and wait for it to fizz and dissolve, it takes up to a minute or two to dissolve. Drink this yummylicious strawberry lemon flavoured drink for glowing and radiant skin.


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