Hair Growth Tablet

A tube of Chicnutrix Bounce

Hair growth tablet

Hair growth tablets are essential to boost hair growth and thickness. There are many biotin vitamin tablets for hair growth and thickness available. Hair loss, hair thinning, brittle dry hair are common problems faced today due to pollution, UV rays, damaged caused by heat styling tools, etc. The crash diet, insufficient nutrients, processed foods are also the factors that contribute to hair problems. To counter these problems, biotin vitamin tablets are the solutions. Biotin vitamin tablets boosts hair growth and thickness. If you are looking for hair gain tablets and the best hair boost tablets, then your search ends here.

Chicnutrix Bounce is the best biotin hair growth tablet for hair loss prevention.  Chicnutrix Bounce is a 100% Vegan formulation containing Biotin, Selenium and vital amino acids in hair recovery complex, an ideal hair health supplement to repair and recover hair health. Preliminary studies also show that biotin, selenium and amino acids supplements improve hair loss, dry, rough hair, thinning or splitting of brittle hair.

Biotin stimulates hair growth. It provides hair with the necessary nourishment to strengthen, thicken and appear more bouncy and lustrous. A long term deficiency of vital vitamin like biotin causes hair loss and might lead to thin, brittle hair with split ends. Biotin hair growth supplements improve the hair growth and bounce by strengthening the structure of hair. Amino acids and selenium helps biotin to repair and recover hair health.

If you are noticing excessive hair loss, hair thinning, increased split ends or poor hair density, Chicnutrix Bounce in delicious raspberry flavour, is a perfect hair supplement for you that supports healthy hair growth.

These hair growth supplements have better absorption and hence leads to faster onset pf action. It is also in the form of effervescent tablets which allows a large dose of ingredients to be taken in a single serving in liquid form. They are delivered to stomach at a pH that is just right for absorption and therefore, has no side effects.

These products are 100% vegetarian with no added sugar, great taste and dermatologically approved.

Each tube contains 20 effervescent tablets.

How to use:

Drop 1 Effervescent tablet in 250ml of water. Wait for the tablet to fizz and dissolve completely (1-2 mins) and Drink.

Just pop, fizz and cheers to strong healthy and shiny hair!