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The Chicnutrix Glow is formulated with glutathione and vitamin c which gives you the best of skin you ever wished It helps you with your dark spots, uneven skin tone and makes your skin lustrously beautiful and glowing! It’s my morning ritual and I’m seeing the results in one week !

Tanvi Thakker

Those of you who know me well, are well aware of my skin care obsession! From collagen hunting shopping trips in Bangkok to Ayurvedic oil massages in Kerala, I loveeeee it all! Can’t wait to try all these awesome products that the sweethearts at @chicnutrix sent me! Glutathione, vitamin c, omega 3 and many other nutrients for my skin and hair, I can’t wait to try them all ❤️

Ruhi Singh

Green is the new black, yes it is and you guys know that I have been consuming @chicnutrix “Bounce” since a while now and have had amazing results with it, they are now available in ‘Green Apple flavor’ 🍏that’s quite yummy, try it for yourself!

Sayantani Ghosh


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